Best Uk Trainee Programs School Leavers Interested In I.T.

What is traineeship?

The traineeships were introduced in the month of August of the year 2013 for the people of the age group 16 to 23 years and also for the young people who have learning difficulty assessments up to the academic age of 25. It offers the necessary work preparation training, literacy as well as numeracy skills along with the work experience that is required to get an apprenticeship or any other tasks. The traineeship lasts for six weeks to even six months with content made according to the career requirements of each and every person.

Benefit of introducing traineeship for school leavers who are interested in I.T. as a career. 

The programs or the internship for the school leavers gives you a direct opportunity to the world of work. The advantage of this is you are going straight to work and earning along with learning. Through this, you are also meeting new people, gaining knowledge on various topics, building self-confidence to work with older and more educated people. A lot of the times, the employers are offered with post-18 job options which will help you to build into precisely the same role as the graduate.

The best trainee opportunities for the school leavers

1.    Pret A Manger School Leavers Program: The school leavers program of Pret A Manger is planned in a way so that the students who are not willing to attend higher education can go straight away to their chosen career. This is available to all the school leavers across the whole United Kingdom. Each and every successful candidate is given a full time, full paid and computer based roll in theor head office from the end or the middle of the month of September. They also have access to the training, support as well as work skill classes. By the end of the year, they pass with an apprenticeship of Advanced level 3 and also an assured, stable job in the company. 

2.    IBM apprenticeships: Over the last few years, the learning has become a great alternative to the university. A lot of students across the whole country are choosing apprenticeship over university studies. This is because they are helping the new and aspiring professionals to start their job life for gaining experience. The apprentices of IBM have the chance to attain both an advanced as well as higher apprenticeship and also a few other qualifications, for example, OCR level 3 & 4 diplomas. They even provide you with an opportunity to earn a degree.

3.    National Apprenticeship Service (NAS): In case, you have not started your university or college right after your school then you must be interested in apprenticeships. An apprenticeship here is a real job along with training so that, you can learn while you earn. You can pick some recognized qualification from this place. If you live in England and over the age of 16 you are eligible to apply for an apprenticeship. 

4.   If online markleting is more your thing, Prothero IM – a Bristol SEO company takes on up to 5 school leavers each year to train and shape them into successful internet marketers.

They also have a new Welsh office in Cardiff. SEE MAP